Sandwich Angels with Glossop Rotary

Sandwich Angels with Glossop Rotary

In October, Sandwich Angels had the pleasure of meeting two wonderful gentlemen from Glossop Rotary Club, Paul and Stuart. They came to donate a large amount of food for our sandwiches (far more than what can be seen in this picture.

"They happily joined in and helped us make sandwiches (Shhh! Don't tell their wives). We had a good chat and found out about all the good works this club charity helping wonderful. In this job you get to meet the nicest many others can say that? From the bottom of our hearts thank you Glossop Rotary Club and thank you Paul and Stuart, you were both a pleasure to meet."

Sandwich Angels are a group of ladies who prepare over 1000 sandwiches / week for the homeless of Tameside and Manchester. The donation is part of the Glossop Rotary's winter project of 'Support for the Homeless'.

Sandwich Angels said "To The Stars Of Glossop Rotary Club, Do you remember, back at the beginning of October, when we asked everyone for help to obtain these head-coverings? Well our plea was answered from the most unexpected quarters. Again we have to thank Glossop Rotary Club for coming to the aid of angels.....The Sandwich Angels. Thank you very much. We are well aware of how much these cost and cannot thank you enough. Because of your generosity we can continue to feed those who cannot feed themselves."

Early in November, Glossop Rotary made a second visit to Sandwich Angels to present the balance of the food they had purchased and to assist them making the sandwiches for the homeless on the streets of Tameside, Stockport and Manchester. President Karen said "Never seen so many sausage, corn beef, ham and cheese sandwiches prepared in 60 minutes. 100's & 100's of them!! And all of them immediately distributed to local Soup Kitchens and Homeless Charities. Super work and respect for the ladies and gents of Sandwich Angels."


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